Club Information

How It All Began...
Penticton Radio Control Club, PRCC, was established in June of 2010 by a very small group of RC enthusiasts. Our first meeting was held in Skaha Park, consisting of 10 to 12 people. From our small group we established a board of five directors. The club began fundraising and received support from our "Sponsors" to be able to purchase our basic equipment for parking lot racing. We began racing in August that same year at Canadian Tire until fall. From there we received a generous donation from a previous club racer in Penticton, Ozite carpet for our indoor season. October 2010 we started and completed a successful season of on-road racing, having also held a trophy race in February 2011. During this time our directors began working with the City of Penticton on creating an RC park for everyone to participate at. With our indoor season ending and have not yet established a track with the City, a Penticton local allowed us to build a semi-permanent off-road track to bide the club time. We built our track in one week from start to finish! And began racing off-road in May 2011.

Our club has grown and gained much support. Today we currently sit at over 50 members, consisting of all ages! Everyone with an electric vehicle is always welcome to come out and participate at one our many events.

Current Directors
President - Anthony Hobbs
Vice President - Willy Lemm
Secretary & Treasurer- Amber Hobbs
Track Director- Nick Weinrauch
Public Relations - Shaun Barron

How To Become A Member
To become a PRCC member it's simple! There are three ways:
1) You can either "Contact" us and we'll reply to your email.
2) You can stop by ATD Hobbies and they can get you joined!
3) Download a Membership form, fill it out and either mail it in or drop it off to ATD Hobbies.

Club Bylaws & Charter